Programming Langauge

  • Go Language (Language fundamentals, Internal structure, GC)
  • Python (Advanced Python, Internal of Python Interpreter)
  • Other languages (Elixir (Erlang), Scala (JVM), Functional Language)
  • Compiler Technology (LLVM, Javascript JIT compiler like V8, Python Interpreter, LuaJit, Emscripten, Asm.js, SIMD.js)

Web Service

  • Web Technology (HTTP/2, QUIC, HTML5 (WebSocket, Service Worker, WebRTC, AngularJs, React.js, WebAssembly)
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS products, Lambda, Serverless service design)
  • Large scale service model and its real implementation (Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook’s open source, service architecture, service model)
  • Web Archiving

Massive Data

  • NoSQL (Hbase, Cassandra, Redis)
  • Big Data (Apache Hadoop(MapReduce), Spark)
  • Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Google’s TensorFlow, Microsoft’s DMTK)
  • Advanced Data Structure (Big data related data structure and algorithms (e.g. MinHash, Sketch, BloomFilter, Cuckoo Filter etc), streaming data)
  • Data Science (GNU R, Julia, SciPy/NumPy, Visualization, D3.js, matplot, Jupyter notebook)
  • Distributed computing and Theory (CAP theorem, BASE, Paxos, RAFT)


  • Security (Cryptography, Hacking techniques)


  • Image Processing (OpenCV, algorithms)
  • Transcoding, Video/Audio Codec


  • Linux related (Kernel, System programming, Profiling tools, Android, ChromeOS, CoreOS)
  • Container Technology, Microservices (LXC, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • DevOps Automation (Ansible, Fabric, Puppet, Chef, CI Tools)


  • Game development (Unity3D, Cocos2D, Physics Engine)


  • Computer Network (TCP/IP, Network Protocols, HTTP/2, QUIC)


  • FinTech, Blockchain, HFT(High-Frequency Trading), Program Trading


  • Autopilot Vehicle Technology (LIDAR sensor, image processing, DARPA Grand challenge, Battery technology)
  • Drone (Quadcopter, Control Algorithms, DIY)
  • IoT (Bluetooth Low Energy, Rpi, Intel Edison)